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Headshot of Gary Howard, Chief Digital Officer at Precision Marketing
I would work with Tracy again in a heartbeat “A project on this scale needed clear and concise communication, honest feedback that led to a better product, quick response times to time-critical questions and an attention to detail that eliminated flaws. Tracy was always reliable and delivered on the promises she made. That and her commitment to delivering the best result helped us create something remarkable. I would work with Tracy again in a heartbeat.”

GARY HOWARD - Chief Digital Officer, Precision Marketing

Headshot of David Gwilliam, Purchasing Manager at Stonegate Pub Company Drinks and sospitality m
Her work has an authentic feel which you won’t find from others “Having worked with Tracy for a number of years, I can honestly say that it’s rare to find someone with such fine attention to detail. Always the first person to keep the project on track, she can be relied on for clear and honest feedback which is always concise and relevant. Tracy’s ability to see things from a customer perspective means that her work has an authentic feel which you won’t find from others who don’t have her extensive experience in the hospitality industry. I would not hesitate to recommend her.”

DAVID GWILLIAM - Purchasing Manager, formerly Carlsberg UK

Headshot of Craig Letton, CEO at MRM Global
Unique ability to see the big picture and incredibly good attention to detail “I really enjoy working with Tracy as she is a very clear and authentic communicator who always delivers on her promises and can be counted on to provide prompt and honest feedback. She has the unique ability to see the big picture and think strategically while also having incredibly good attention to detail. With Tracy’s extensive hospitality industry knowledge and marketing experience she is someone that I feel very happy recommending."


Headshot of Louise Boddington, Wine Buyer
Category knowledge and creative eye “Tracy provided great support in developing new wine labels. She has a real feel for how to make small tweaks to appeal to particular audiences and always had great ideas for brand names and concepts in addition to achieving the right look. She had great suggestions on different ways to improve both graphics and copy, whilst still accommodating the regulatory requirements. Her category knowledge and creative eye meant that her feedback was quick, clear and accurate. She’s a perfectionist down to the smallest detail. I was so pleased with the results and am more than happy to recommend her.”

LOUISE BODDINGTON - Wine Buyer, formerly Crown Cellars

Headshot of Sarah Allaway, Owner and Strategy Consultant at Riverbed Strategy
Extensive understanding and experience in the food and drinks industry Tracy’s attention to detail coupled with extensive understanding and experience in the food and drinks industry is unique. With her marketing and copywriting skills coming together she is a powerhouse in her field.

SARAH ALLAWAY - Strategy Consultant and Owner, Riverbed Strategy

Headshot of Kelly Bates, Proofreader and Copyeditor at Kelly Bates Editorial
She made me challenge myself...then helped me to present this in the best possible light Tracy did a great job of reviewing my website when I first set up my business. She provided really insightful feedback on the language and tone of voice used, and really made me think about how I sell my skills (something that does not come naturally to me!) She made me challenge myself on what I am good at and then helped me to present this in the best possible light. She responded quickly to any queries and was great to work with. I would thoroughly recommend her services.

KELLY BATES - Proofreader and Copyeditor, Kelly Bates Editorial

Headshot of Jane Johnson, Account Director at DCB Group
I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracy for your next project "Tracy can be relied on for copy that delivers clear, concise messages while capturing the personality of the brand or contributor. Her long experience in the hospitality and drinks sectors means that she finds it easy to clarify complex jargon, spot technical errors or inconsistencies and assess how engaging content and tone are for any specific audience. She has a meticulous eye for detail which is a godsend for proofreading and she is able to work at an exceptional pace whilst maintaining accuracy. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Tracy for your next project. She will always deliver on her commitments. Never one to take the easy option she pushes herself and others to deliver to the best possible standard on anything she works on."

JANE JOHNSON - Account Director, DCB Group

Head shot of Lee Evans Condor Wines
She adds significant value to our marketing strategy and content "Tracy is very organised and diligent with a keen eye for detail and ability to apply a creative flair to projects. Whether writing original copy or editing copy provided by other contributors, Tracy always delivers engaging, relevant communication that our customers love. She is also very proactive, often seeing where work or focus is required and presenting impactful solutions proven to drive commercial return. Tracy’s organised approach is invaluable in meetings and project management. You can rely on her to both do her part in a timely and effective manner and check in with other collaborators to keep things on track. She always builds strong relationships with our stakeholders and will frequently go beyond what is expected. I would not hesitate to recommend Tracy for your copy, editorial or marketing needs within the drinks industry. She has a deep knowledge of the market and its channels, and she adds significant value to our marketing strategy and content."

LEE EVANS - Managing Director, Condor Wines

Headshot of Annabel Smith, Beer writer, Trainer & Sommelier at BeerBelle
Her understanding and interpretation of customer needs is second to none “I have always found Tracy a pleasure to work with. She is a clear communicator, has the ability to unravel complex information and is consummately professional in any situation. She is exceptionally organised, reliable, and is renowned for her attention to detail. I have worked on multiple projects with Tracy over the past decade and her understanding and interpretation of customer needs is second to none. I have no hesitation in highly recommending Tracy.”

ANNABEL SMITH - Beer Writer, Sommelier & Trainer, Beer Belle

Headshot of Antonio Giansante, Managing Director at BGN Agency Manchester
She makes sure that the final product goes out looking perfect “Tracy is efficient, meticulous and reliable. Whilst working together on projects she has always provided great support on copyediting and proofreading. Her feedback is quick, clear and concise. She makes sure that the final product goes out looking perfect, communicating a precise message in a consistent tone of voice. I would highly recommend her.”

ANTONIO GIANSANTE - Managing Director, BGN Agency

Headshot of Vanessa Hawkins, Brand Innovation Manager at Weetabix
She's quick to ask the right questions... I love working with her “Tracy is always focused on how to best engage the audience. Her extensive industry experience means that she understands the landscape, is quick to ask the right questions, and able to adapt language to suit a wide variety of customers without losing any of its personality. Her project management is collaborative, responsive and super-organised. I love working with her. No detail is too small and I know that I can always rely on her to deliver a brilliant result, exactly as promised. 100% recommended!”

VANESSA HAWKINS - Brand Innovation Manager, formerly Carlsberg UK

Headshot of Michael Gibson, Wine and Spirits Sales Director at Crown Cellars
I can trust her to ensure the messaging is spot on and really connects "I have found Tracy to be very easy to work with. She takes time at the start of a project to understand your needs, communicates clearly and effectively throughout, and will always deliver exactly as promised. Her extensive industry experience with a wide range of customers means that she genuinely understands their perspectives. I can trust her to ensure that the messaging is spot on and really connects. This is especially true working in categories like wine where the 'insider' language can feel inaccessible to some. She has ruthless attention to detail and a great eye for small changes that will make 'good' work even better. I can strongly recommend her."

MIKE GIBSON - Sales Director – Wines & Spirits, Crown Cellars